Friday, 6 July 2012

Tutorial Videos

A couple of tutorial compilation videos I submitted for various uni subjects.

Advanced Animation

Game Environments

Final Project WIP

Assorted concepts from my work so far on my final project. I am in a group with several others from various disciplines working on a 3D, first person, puzzle platformer. We have only just entered the production stage so my work so far is mostly concept.

Environment Concepts

Glove Concepts

Preliminary Modular Assets used to test pipelines and the level editor.

Droid Concepts

Game Environment

Ursong, Pinnacle sanctuary of the Bear Shamans. 

This environment was designed and modelled by myself for a Uni assignment. The assets were modelled in 3DS Max and hand painted in Photoshop. The final product was assembled in the Unreal Development Kit. I was aiming for a certain look with the trees but they ended up looking flat. I will get around to fixing them someday I hope.


Game Character Design and Model

Belof of Ursong.

A 'Bear Shaman' I designed and modelled in 3DS Max for a Uni Assignment. The textures were hand painted in Photoshop.

Platformer Character and Environment Designs

I played around with some character and environment concepts for a platformer game. The designs are Film Noire inspired.

Creature Game Model

This was my first attempt at modelling, rigging and animating an organic model. It didn't turn out well but it was a start.

Hobbit Water Mill Game Asset

I have made quite a few assets for Middle Earth Role Playing (Skyrim mod) but unfortunately I never got around to finishing this due to Uni commitments. This is my take on the water mill in Hobbiton.